Prof. Dr. Anca Ionescu

Professor, Head of the Sports Medicine Department at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” and Senior Physician Specialist in Sports Medicine at the National Institute of Sports Medicine, Bucharest, Romania; National Coordinator for Sports Medicine Training since 2006; European Trainer on Sports Medicine (UEMS-MJC)) from 2015, Managing Editor of the Romanian Sports Medicine Journal (; President of the Romanian Society of Sports Medicine (2005-present); President of the Balkan Sports Medicine Association (2006-2008)

Advisor for Gatorade Sports Science Institute (2006-2009)

Member of the Scientific and Education Commission of EFSMA (2007-2009)

Member of the Executive Committee of the EFSMA (2009-2017)

President of the Scientific and Education Commission of EFSMA (2017-prezent)

I am focusing my activity on sports physiology and physiopathology, sports cardiology and nutrition, exercise capacity testing in order, EPH ( Exercise prescription for health)  to optimize sports performance and promote health.