Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Limongelli

Dr. Limongelli graduated (1997) and completed his Cardiology Training (2001) from the Second University of Naples (SUN). In 2001, he attended the “Master in Nephrology” (SUN). In 2001, he won a four years PhD course in Cardiovascular and Thoracic Sciences and Associated Biotechnology (SUN).

From 2002 to 2003, he was attached to St George’s Hospital Medical School (London, UK) as Research Fellow of The Genotyping Lab & Heart Failure Clinic. From 2003 to 2004, he was attached to The University College of London (London, UK) as Research Fellow of The Cobbold Lab (Middlesex Hospital) & Heart Failure Clinic (The Heart Hospital). During his stay in St George’s Hospital, he attended a 6 months “Bioinformatics Half Module” at the Department of Basic Sciences. In 2003, he started an “European Doctorate in Biotechnology” course (HeduBT, UK), with a project on “Clinical and Molecular Aspects of Cardiomyopathies”. He was appointed with the title of “European Doctor in Biotechnology” in 2007.

He is currently an Associate professor of Cardiology (since november 2017) at the Department of Translational Science, Università della Campania “Luigi VanvitellI” - Monaldi Hospital (AORN Colli), and Honorary Senior Lecturer (since May 2017) at the the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences, University College of London, London, UK. His main research interests are clinical and genetic mechanisms of cardiomyopathies and heart failure, congenital, inherited, and rare disease, and athlete’s heart.